Shopify UK Pricing 2023: Plans for Starter, Basic, Advanced & Shopify Plus

For all online businesses, finding the perfect e-commerce platform to support your online store is essential. Shopify is far and away the most popular choice for UK businesses big and small due to its ease of use, scalability, and flexibility. With that popularity comes considerable interest, which is why one of the most popular questions we hear is, how much is Shopify in the UK?

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There are various Shopify UK plans available, and that’s why it’s crucial to understand the Shopify pricing structure to determine which option is best for your business.

So with that, you may ask, how much is Shopify per month? In this post, we'll break down the costs associated with Shopify's UK plans, explore the features of each plan, and help you decide which one best suits your needs. 

Shopify UK Pricing Plans: A Quick Overview

Shopify offers five primary pricing plans for UK-based businesses, each with its own unique set of features and benefits. Here's a quick summary:

  1. Shopify Starter (£5/month): Designed for entrepreneurial individuals looking to get started selling their own products. 
  2. Basic Shopify (£25/month): Ideal for small businesses and new online stores, this plan provides all the essentials to take your online store to the next level.
  3. Shopify (£65/month): Geared towards growing businesses with more advanced needs, this plan offers additional features and lower transaction fees.
  4. Advanced Shopify (£344/month): Designed for larger businesses, this plan offers advanced reporting, lower fees, and additional features to support growth and expansion.
  5. Shopify Plus (starting at $2,000 USD/month): An all-in-one solution for high volume businesses and big brands growing beyond the UK market. 

Let's take a closer look at each plan to determine which is best for your business.

Shopify Starter Pricing (£5/month)

The newest and most entry level tier of Shopify plans, Shopify Starter, as the name suggests, is for individuals just starting out selling products online. Whether you’ve got a loyal social media following keen for branded merch, or you’re levelling up from an Etsy or eBay store, Shopify Starter is for you. 

You get all this and more:

  • A simple storefront
  • Unlimited product pages
  • Fast and secure checkout
  • Contact page for customer inquiries
  • Linkpop, the link in bio tool designed for social media 
  • Access to Shopify apps
  • Shopify order management

Shopify Starter is especially geared towards social media and messaging apps, making it easy to sell directly to your followers. But if you're in need of the ability to edit your theme, post blogs or sell in person then you'll need to go higher.

Basic Shopify Pricing (£25/month)

The Basic Shopify plan is perfect for new or small businesses looking to establish an online presence. At £25 per month, it offers a range of essential features, including:

  • Theme editing and customisation 
  • Unlimited products
  • 2 staff accounts
  • 24/7 support
  • Basic reports
  • Shopify POS 
  • Blog engine
  • Fraud analysis 
  • Customer discount codes

The Basic Shopify plan also includes a 2% + 25p per transaction fee for online credit card payments, or you can use Shopify Payments to avoid extra transaction fees. However, the plan lacks advanced reporting and some shipping features, which may be essential for growing businesses.

Shopify Pricing (£65/month)

The Shopify plan (simply called ‘Shopify’), at £65 per month, is designed for businesses that are rapidly growing and require more advanced features. It offers everything in the Basic plan, plus:

  • 5 staff accounts
  • Gift cards
  • Professional reports
  • Lower transaction fees (1.7% + 25p for online credit card payments)

This plan is best suited for businesses with increasing sales, requiring more in-depth reporting and the ability to offer gift cards. The lower transaction fees can also make a significant difference in overall costs as your sales volume grows.

Advanced Shopify (£344/month)

The Advanced Shopify plan, priced at £344 per month, is tailored to large, high-volume businesses in need of advanced features and lower fees. This plan includes:

  • 15 staff accounts
  • Advanced report builder
  • Third-party calculated shipping rates
  • Lowest transaction fees (1.5% + 25p for online credit card payments)

With additional staff accounts, advanced reporting, and lower transaction fees, this plan is perfect for larger businesses that require comprehensive e-commerce management and reporting tools. However, for smaller businesses, the cost may outweigh these benefits.

Shopify Plus (starting at $2,000 USD/month)

Shopify Plus is Shopify's enterprise-grade e-commerce platform designed for large, high-growth businesses and global brands. It offers a host of advanced features and capabilities tailored to support high-volume merchants and those with complex requirements.

Key features of Shopify Plus:

  • Unlimited staff accounts
  • Unlimited products and bandwidth
  • Access to advanced APIs (including Gift Card, Multipass, and Shopify Scripts APIs)
  • Customizable checkout 
  • Priority 24/7 support and a dedicated Merchant Success Manager
  • Wholesale channel with a separate B2B storefront
  • Up to 20 international storefronts with unique languages, currencies, and pricing
  • Access to exclusive Shopify Plus apps and integrations
  • Customizable automation with Shopify Flow
  • Advanced reporting and analytics

While Shopify Plus is a powerful solution for large businesses and global brands, it comes with a higher price tag, starting at $2,000 USD per month. Before committing to this plan, ensure that your business truly requires the advanced features and capabilities it offers. For many businesses, one of the standard Shopify plans may be more than sufficient for your needs. However, even if you think your sales volumes aren’t yet high enough for Plus, depending upon the payment processor you use, Shopify Plus offers very low credit card rates, meaning it could actually be more cost efficient to scale up to Shopify Plus. Learn more here. 

Additional Costs to Consider

Apart from the monthly fees, there are other costs and savings to consider when using Shopify:

  1. Domain registration: You'll need a domain for your online store, which can be purchased through Shopify or a third-party registrar.
  2. Themes: Shopify offers free and paid themes, with paid themes typically costing between £100-£180.
  3. Apps and integrations: Some apps and integrations may require additional fees, depending on your business's needs.
  4. Save 25% With A Yearly Subscription: It’s a longer term commitment, but subscribing upfront for a year can lead to a sizable saving. 

Time To Choose Wisely 

When it comes to selecting the right Shopify plan for your UK-based business, it's essential to consider your current needs and future growth plans. If you're just starting out or running a small business, the Basic Shopify plan may be ideal. As your business grows and requires additional features, you can easily upgrade to the Shopify or Advanced Shopify plans. And if you’re seeking to go global, Shopify Plus is the natural next step.

Remember to factor in additional costs, such as domain registration, themes, and apps, when calculating your overall Shopify expenses. Ultimately, investing in the right plan will help you build a strong foundation for your online store and support your business's long-term success.


Still scratching your head? Here we’ve answered some of the most common questions associated with Shopify. 

1. How does Shopify work?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows individuals and businesses to create and run their own online store. Users can list products, set up payment methods, handle shipping configurations, and more, all within the Shopify platform.

2. How much does Shopify charge?

Shopify offers various pricing plans, starting with low cost starter and basic plans. Take a look at the full breakdown of plans above. 

3. How long are Shopify contracts?

Shopify primarily offers month-month subscriptions, but they do offer discounts for annual plans.

4. Can I cancel my account whenever I wish?

Yes, you can cancel your Shopify account at any time.

5. Is it possible to alter my plan at a later stage?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your Shopify plan according to your needs.

6. Does Shopify provide any discounts?

Shopify often provides discounts for users who choose longer billing periods, like annual or biennial plans.

7. In which countries can I run a Shopify store?

You can run a Shopify store from almost any country, but available payment gateways might vary by country.

8. Are transaction fees applicable?

Shopify charges transaction fees if you're not using Shopify Payments. The fee varies depending on your chosen plan.

9. What constitutes a third-party payment provider?

A third-party payment provider processes payments for merchants, allowing them to accept credit card and other types of payments online without setting up a merchant account with a bank. Examples include PayPal and Stripe.

10. Are credit card fees applicable?

 Yes, credit card fees apply when a sale is made using a credit card. The fee can vary based on your Shopify plan and the payment gateway used, with lower fees for higher tiers. 

11. Is there an initial set-up charge?

Shopify does not charge a setup fee for any of its standard plans.

12. I'm considering switching to Shopify. How do I transfer my data?

Shopify provides a range of tools and guides to help you import your store data, including products, customers, and order histories. They also have a dedicated "Shopify Importer" for several platforms.

13. Can I utilise my own domain name with Shopify?

Yes, you can use your own domain name with Shopify, either by transferring an existing domain or purchasing one through Shopify.

14. Is free web hosting provided when opening an online shop?

Yes, Shopify provides secure and reliable hosting for your online store as part of their package. 

15. What are their bandwidth charges?

Shopify does not charge any additional fees for bandwidth or data transfer. All hosting costs are included in your monthly plan fee.

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