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Email Marketing Strategies With Impact

While an email dropping into someone’s inbox might seem relatively simple, it’s important not to overlook the power of email marketing. Luckily we’re experts at it, and our years of email marketing agency experience can help you build powerful campaigns that make a big impact on your sales. We’ll implement all the latest tools to create tailored campaigns that help you build a relationship with your customers using zero-party data - that’s data you own, rather than data you continually pay for. We can craft entire campaigns that use nothing but emails, and intelligent automations that help bring customers back into the fold or follow up with those who abandoned their cart at the last moment. Our campaigns produce results too. Take the example of one of our clients - one email sent to subscribers for Black Friday generated over £42,000 in sales. Just one email produced sales equivalent to more than half of the sales generated in a typical month for that client. Whether you’re starting out and communicating to a small but loyal audience, or you’re a CEO of a global brand looking to engage hundreds of thousands, our email marketing strategies can generate big results.

More Than Just Emails

You might be wondering how a simple message in someone’s inbox can be so impactful to your bottom line. But there’s a lot more hidden under the hood. Using industry leading tools such as Klaviyo, we can create interactive and trackable emails that link directly to your store or individual products.

Our email marketing agency team can craft fantastic content to tell a story around collections or your brand. We can produce newsletters that keep your customers in the loop, or offer them useful tips and advice to make them feel even more connected to you.

Automations are a fundamental part of any email marketing strategy, and we can help there too. Ever wondered how best to claw back those customers who abandon their carts? Or want to upsell to those who recently made a purchase? Automated email campaigns can do all of this, even while you sleep.

Official Klaviyo Partner

We’re proud to be an official Klaviyo Partner, supporting our clients to make the most of this cutting edge email marketing platform. Klaviyo sets itself apart from other platforms with innovative automations using customer-first data. Integrate your email campaigns with your Shopify store and automatically send emails to customers as they progress through the customer journey, from their first visit, through to post-purchase. Learn more about generating personalised campaigns from Klaviyo’s zero-party data on our blog.

Customer Acquisition

Pay-per-click and social marketing has long reigned supreme, but anti-tracking measures in the latest mobile operating systems can make it trickier to generate results.

Email automations are the perfect companion, using “zero-party” data, which is data actively shared by customers themselves, rather than data you pay for access to.

This “customer-first” data is collected via engaging sign up forms and other types of interactivity on your website. Klaviyo, for example, can generate quizzes designed to collect detailed information about your customer interests, motivations and preferences, all without having to use sneaky tracking technologies such as browser cookies.

The data can also come from your activity on Shopify store, as well as a variety of integrations such as review platforms and shipping tools such as ShipStation. Much like PPC ads, this data can be used to create campaigns that are truly personalised to your target audiences.


We can create emails to tie in with an overall marketing campaign, or build a dedicated email campaign to be sent to some or all of your customers. We craft emails rich in creative copy, imagery and graphic design that all align closely with your brand identity.

Launch emails are great for drumming up interest before your brand or a new collection takes centre stage. Ask people to sign up to keep them in the loop, and create anticipation with further emails as you get closer to lift off.

Product emails are useful for showcasing new or existing products or collections. List products with images, features and prices and link to their pages on your website. This can be a great way to get products in front of customer’s eyes without them even having to visit your store.

Newsletters are a great way to foster loyalty amongst customers. We can incorporate a sign up form on your website, with the offer of an incentive such as a discount for signing up. These emails can offer tips, advice and news, helping your customers feel part of something.

User Generated Content in emails is especially powerful. We can collect content from your social media channels and build emails to showcase the ways happy customers are making use of your products, helping to convince prospective customers to make a purchase.


Some emails aren’t for everyone. As your email marketing agency, we can leverage the power of tools like Klaviyo to create automated campaigns to carefully target steps along the entire customer journey.

Abandoned cart emails are really effective to claw back those who didn’t follow through with a purchase. We can set up a routine synced with your store that automatically sends personalised emails to those who leave your site after loading up their cart with items, encouraging them to seal the deal.

Upsell emails go one further over abandoned cart emails. We can detect customer interest in certain types of products to automatically send them emails encouraging them to purchase more expensive versions of those products (with higher profit margins for you).

Cross sell emails are useful to increase customer retention. We can set up a routine that will send an email to previous customers that features a selection of products relevant to their previous purchases, encouraging them to compliment what they already own.

Reviews are a fundamental part of any effective marketing strategy, but how do you get customers to leave reviews in the first place? We can automatically send emails to those who’ve recently made a purchase, asking them to leave a review and join a community around your brand. With Klaviyo, we can even send an email after a customer leaves a review, offering them help and support if the review is negative, or to ask them to share the review on social media if it’s positive.

Email Marketing Strategy and Analytics

There’s more to our emails than meets the eye. We can help you decide just how many emails to send, when to send them, and what to focus them on. We can also help you schedule campaigns to tie in with particular seasons and busy periods during the year such as Black Friday, Christmas and summertime.

We send emails with all the latest tracking technologies allowing us to show you a complete picture of just how effective your campaigns are. Using powerful analytics features in tools like Klaviyo, we can show you a detailed analysis of the effectiveness of your campaigns, with visualisations showing how many people opened your emails, how many clicked through to your website and how many ultimately made a purchase. With all that data we can clearly understand just how much revenue and ROI your email campaigns are generating.

All of that feeds back into the overall strategy, and we can then adjust your campaigns as necessary to further increase those numbers.

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