9 Brilliant Social Proof Examples in 2023

Rome wasn’t built in a day. And although your online store might have been, your brand reputation won’t be. So how do you fast-track your brand growth and keep reaching new audiences? It all starts with social proof.

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What is social proof? Put simply, it’s about your people. The customers, communities and shoppers who are looking to the habits of others to dictate how and where they shop themselves. They want to make knowledgeable buying decisions based on the behaviour and experiences of others: shoppers are more likely to make a purchase when they can see that other like-minded people have done it before them. This makes it imperative to include social proof in your overall brand and marketing strategy.

Before we get inspired by a few clever examples of social proof, let's define exactly what social proof can be. There are six different types that can be utilised:


Now we know what social proof is, let’s take a look at some of our favourite examples around today.

1. Feel

Expert, User, Wisdom of the Crowd.

Vitamin brand Feel has called on the endorsement of experts in their industry to provide social proof. Click on ‘Nutritionist Reviews’ on their homepage and you will be met by insights from over 110 expert nutritionists. Potential customers are unlikely to read every single one of these expert reviews, but just having them there to skim through definitely works in Feel’s favour.

And the social proof for Feel doesn’t stop there. In fact, they are a fantastic example of including so much of it, it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t buy from them. From including social proof on their USP bar at the top of the website, to their “Real People, Real Results” section which provides photographic evidence of actually how their products affect customers’ skin, hair and nails.

If this isn’t enough, they have over 4,000 user reviews to filter through, as well as “Learn in 5 minutes” blogs with resources endorsed by Nutritionists and reviewed annually. Their science page provides information on how their formulas are backed by over 500 clinical studies.

It’s clear that Feel have put a lot of time, energy and research into providing their audience with enough social proof to near-guarantee a purchase decision. If you’re looking for inspiration, these folks are a fantastic place to start.

2. Shopify

Wisdom of the Crowd.

A perfect visual example of wisdom of the crowd, this graphic on Shopify’s homepage grabs your attention, piques interest and does just what is needed for social proof: shows off the logos of a large number of well-known brands that utilise the platform. With the stats listed alongside the rotating globe, this section of their homepage proves Shopify to be a leader in the e-commerce industry, with millions of brands, both big and small, choosing to work with them.

3. Innocent

Wisdom of the Crowd, Certification.

Rather than just listing how many drinks they’ve sold over the years, innocent go one step further, showing how many portions of fruit and veg they have helped people consume.

This clever insight not only shows how the brand are improving people's health, it invites you to join them in a global movement and become part of their mission.

Their B Corp certification further solidifies innocent as a friendly company. This non-profit organisation is transforming the global economy “to benefit all people, communities and the planet”.

Companies that have received this certification are working towards a better future through high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. With more and more consumers wanting to make eco-conscious purchase decisions, certifications like these can give them the confidence to do so.

4. Coca-Cola

Wisdom of your Friends.

Get people talking about your brand and you’re one step closer to building a budding community. This is exactly what Coca-Cola did with their #ShareACoke hashtag campaign. This worldwide marketing strategy took the fizzy drink we all know and love and made it personal. Replacing their well-known logo with popular names and nicknames, consumers would be able to find their moniker on a bottle of coke and enjoy the personalised pleasure with every sip.

The #ShareACoke hashtag that encompassed the campaign would inspire people to find their friends’ names and share in the happiness. Coca-Cola’s purpose for the campaign was to create a more personal relationship with consumers and inspire shared moments of happiness. They did this in style with people all over the word wanting to try their product, tag the campaign on social media with images of their personalised beverages, and, in turn, sharing it with their followers and friends, sparking a desire to get involved themselves.

A hashtag campaign like this is a brilliant way of engaging your audience, getting them involved in your brand and encouraging them to share your name - and your products - with their friends. The added bonus? When your hashtag is used, you’ve instantly gained a bank of user generated content that can be used for future posts and campaigns. Head to our User Generated Content Blog to see why this marketing tactic can be invaluable for your online store.

5. Simba Sleep

User, Certification.

When we came across the reviews page on Simba Sleep’s website, we knew it had to be included here. It’s one of the best examples we’ve come across of how to display your customer reviews for user proof.

If that page title isn’t enough, there are plenty more delights to be found as you explore a little more. Not only can you filter the reviews by a specific product, but, for the mattress reviews, you can also filter by number of sleepers, the side you sleep on, and even health aspects that Simba mattresses can help with.

This way of filtering their review page is a brilliant example of user social proof. Simba have made it simple for their customers to read the reviews that matter to them, without having to sift through irrelevant information. It also proves the vast amount of people who have chosen Simba in the past for their sleep needs.

If this evidence isn’t enough, customers can also head to Simba’s Awards page for a perfect example of certification social proof. Filled with dozens of badges awarded to them by industry experts, from product of the year to eco innovation, this just gives further confidence to customers as they are searching for reassurance before choosing to buy with Simba.

6. Crocs


Crocs have massively grown in popularity in recent years. Now holding their own in the fashion world, it wasn't long ago that Crocs were seen simply as comfortable - even ugly - footwear worn by gardeners and water sports enthusiasts. However the brand quickly grew in popularity and their shoes are worn by fashionistas all over the world - including celebrities.

Crocs have harnessed this fast rise in popularity by partnering with famous faces through collaborations and endorsements. Collaborators in recent months have included top designers like Salehe Bembury and Christian Cowan, drag race star Ginny Lemon and even Minecraft. Big partnerships like these will have crocs customers coming back for more - choosing the latest colourway or style, adding more ‘jibbits’ and eagerly awaiting the next big name to join them.

7. Heinz


Another unexpected celebrity collaboration came in the form of Ed Sheeran partnering with Heinz - an idea that he actually pitched to the brand themselves. Reaching out to the well-known sauce creators on Instagram with his own idea for a TV ad, it wasn’t long before Heinz produced not only the said TV commercial, but Ed’s very own branded bottle, complete with Ed-inspired tomato emoji.

So is Ed really that much of a fan of this tomato-y condiment? Considering that he had the Heniz logo tattooed on his arm, we’re going to guess that his love for the brand really is eternal. And since getting inked, like-minded fans have also followed suit - so much so that Heinz have recently developed their own red pigment through partnership with Electric Ink. This has been a response to the news that coloured tattoo ink faces growing restrictions in certain countries. Heinz fans can now get a tattoo of their brand and products without worrying about harmful pigment ingredients.

8. Surreal

Celebrity (kind of).

Healthy cereal brand Surreal, is another who has recently gotten creative with their social proof. They have exploded in recent months thanks to endorsements from the likes of Dwayne Johnson, Ronaldo and Serena Williams. Impressive, right?

There’s a catch with this one though - these A-list breakfast aficionados aren’t A-listers at all. Surreal’s clever marketing team found regular people with celebrity names (Dwayne Johnson, London bus driver for one) and paid them a much cheaper fee to promote their products.

This cheeky marketing tactic - although not genuine celebrity endorsement - still catches the eye of potential customers. It shows the personality of the up-and-coming brand and the bold colours, paired with a tone of voice to rival Innocent drinks, really makes them one to watch, and one that people will remember.

9. Tika The Iggy


The holy grail of endorsement in the world of social media: get your product seen on a top influencer, and you’re in the money. But influencers don’t just come in human form. The world of petfluencers is surprisingly vast. From cockapoos and cats to pigs and ponies, people can’t get enough of these celebrity animals on the likes of Instagram and TikTok.

Perhaps the most fashionable of them all, Tikatheiggy boasts 1.1M followers on Instagram, as well as front row invites to New York Fashion Week. Tory Burch, Boss and Desigual are just a few of the big name brands you will see Tika modelling on her Instagram page, making her one of the hottest and most influential petfluencers in recent years.

Felt inspired by these social proof examples? If you want to start implementing social proof with your own brand, user reviews and wisdom of friends is a great place to start. Ask your customers to review their recent purchases and create a place to display these to your audience. Tap into your communities on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok and from here you'll be able to attract larger influencer endorsements or even celebrity backing over time. Don't forget that niche micro influencers can be just as impactful as bigger stars.

If your brand is working towards a larger sustainable or scientific mission, then research which awards, certifications and expert advice you can get to back up your product claims.

Simple yet powerful additions like these can be the boost you need to take your brand to the next level.

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