Shopify Markets.

When it's time to go global, we can get you there.

International Expansion Made Easy With Shopify.

Get ready to take the world by storm with Shopify Markets, a new feature available to all Shopify merchants that makes it easy to expand into new countries, markets and territories.

What is Shopify Markets and How Does It Work?

If your business has been expanding and flourishing within the Shopify ecosystem, then you'll naturally be wondering: what next? With burgeoning sales at home, you’ll be looking to enter new markets as your brand seeks continued growth. Shopify Markets enables your business to go wherever your customers are. If you're a British retailer looking to expand to the US, you're likely to have a number of questions before you start selling stateside. How do I change my store's currency to dollars instead of pounds, for example? How do I change my domain? And can I manage my stock from a US-specific warehouse? With Shopify Markets, these steps become easy.

Shopify has long supported merchants selling products globally, but the recent introduction of Shopify Markets allows brands to take internationalisation to the next level.

Previously, global expansion was possible, but it required the use of multiple tools, apps and resources, as well as the need to manage multiple dedicated storefronts.

But now, Shopify Markets offers a unified solution, one able to take care of many of the elements of international e-commerce using the same store.

All About Localisation.

If you’ve already got a Shopify store you’re proud of, why change it for new countries? Using the power of Shopify Markets, we can help you manage one storefront for all markets. Visitors from abroad will receive the same great experience as your local customers, but with products, content, prices and languages localised to them.

We’ll break things down in more detail below, but in a nutshell, Shopify Markets makes it easy to manage global domains, currency, languages, taxes and inventory management of products and collections specifically for your international customers.

Currency & Pricing. 💵

Evidence suggests that offering support for local currencies can reduce cart abandonment rates, as customers find it easier to understand the true cost of what they’re buying. Shopify Markets offers a staggering 133 currency options, giving customers confidence by allowing them to purchase products in their native currency.

As for pricing, previously, using Shopify’s multi-currency feature, you could display products in different currencies, but prices would simply be converted using foreign exchange rates, leaving your international pricing at the mercy of Forex fluctuations. Shopify Markets allows merchants to set pricing for individual markets, ensuring you can price according to local conditions and to accommodate international shipping fees.

Languages. 🌐

Much like currencies, research shows that stores able to display content in native languages create greater confidence amongst customers, as well as allowing stores to communicate more clearly to even more site visitors. Shopify Markets gives merchants the ability to implement different languages across localised versions of a storefront. Languages can be set to dynamically change depending upon the location of visitors.

While Shopify Markets itself does not provide translation, it is able to closely integrate with translation apps, as well as providing an easy way to implement translations sourced from an external translator.

Inventory Management. 🚚

Managing stock becomes more complicated across borders. While you may have stock of a particular item in your UK warehouse, you could be out of stock in your Australian warehouse. If an Aussie customer places an order, and your online store says it’s in stock based upon your UK supply, shipping that item to the other side of the planet could be prohibitively expensive.

Shopify Markets Intelligently distributes inventory across the world, ensuring stock is correctly allocated according to the country customers are ordering from. For example, if you have a North American warehouse in the United States, Shopify Markets can ensure US customers only see stock availability based upon that warehouse, rather than the stock available in your UK warehouse. This simplifies the process for both you and your customers, as stock is evenly distributed across the markets you operate within, ensuring you don’t oversell or create unnecessary shipping costs.

International Domains. 🌍

Alongside currency and languages, localised domains are also an integral piece of the confidence building puzzle. Like those other elements, research again shows that localised domains make customers feel more comfortable purchasing from an online store. A local domain name, such as .de for Germany, or .fr for France, can give customers the impression that you have a real presence in their country, and by utilising the power of Shopify Markets, our Operations team can work closely with you to determine which countries you'd like to create domains for. All of your SEO tags will follow suit, ensuring customers see a truly localised version of your site in search engines.

Payment Methods. 💳

Many countries use card payment and banking systems that are substantially different to those used in the UK and Europe, causing additional complexity when taking orders from international customers. Shopify Markets gives you the ability to offer a wide variety of payment methods from around the world, integrating them into your store seamlessly.

Tax and Duty Fees. 💰

Doing business abroad brings with it a confusing variety of rules, regulations and costly taxes for each country you operate in. Shopify Markets can take care of these for you. Automatically calculate duty fees and taxes at checkout, ensuring the customer has maximum clarity on the overall price they’ll be paying before placing their order. This prevents the potential for any hidden fees after purchase, while also saving you the time of keeping track of them.

Time To Take Off.

It’s time to become a globetrotter with Shopify Markets. Get in touch with us now, and we can help your business on the path to global domination. Learn more about Markets on our blog.